Orthopedic Care

NOI physicians have experience in many areas of orthopedic care. If you are not sure whom you need to see we recommend calling our office and speaking with one of our patient specialists who can help you to identify the right physician. Contact us today.

Dr. Steven Gausewitz specializes in Orthopedic Care and Procedures. For more information, view the links below:

Dr. Steven Gausewitz is an experienced orthopedic surgeon who specializes in hip, knee, and shoulder problems affecting adults. He enjoys working with his patients to manage their orthopedic problems individually. He sees every patient in the office himself. Developing an effective non-operative program for relieving joint pain and restoring strength and mobility is often possible. When patients do require surgery, he has an established reputation of providing safe, effective results using less invasive techniques, effective pain management, and proven, state of the art implants. He performs a high volume of hip and knee replacements, both primary and revision, and each procedure is done one at a time.